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Clive Street, named after my father, Robert Clive Curtis, has always been a personal journey. Once born from a love of sewing, has now turned into a passionate interest in sustainable and ethically produced bags and accessories. I am completely self-taught, and am proud of the fact that I can now create stylish, beautiful, and high-quality items out of something once discarded and destined for landfill.  


Everything that goes into making your Clive Street bag or accessory takes place in my own studio and backyard in Brisbane, Queensland. Collecting, cleaning, cutting and sewing are all part of my daily work. Running between roles as small business owner and mum to four fab adult children (not to mention a few fur-babies!) is challenging at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


My hope is that Clive Street will teach you how the mundane items that companies discard on a daily basis, are actually capable of being transformed into their 'second life' as beautiful bags and accessories. To get people asking 'how' things are made, and 'by whom' -- is a big win for Clive Street.


Given the nature and textiles of my work, at least 80% of each finished product is made from previously discarded, but now salvaged, materials. As each textile is unique in wear and markings, each item will differ slightly (but that's why we love them). I hope you love your Clive Street purchase as much as I have loved making it for you!

-- Sarah

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